Coming Back to the US on the 4th of July

Marchesi Mazzei & The Thomas Jefferson Foundation: A Renewed Partnership

The life-long friendship and mutual admiration between Thomas Jefferson and Philip Mazzei is celebrated today in the renewed partnership between Marchesi Mazzei and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

Philip will be introduced to the US market on July 4, 2013. The launch event, which will be held in Monticello, Virginia at the Jefferson Foundation, will commemorate the great friendship between Philip Mazzei and Thomas Jefferson. Since it was Philip Mazzei, ancestor of the Marchesi Mazzei family, who planted the first European vines in America, on July 3 the Mazzei family will donate and plant a special selection of the best grapes from their Tuscan estate of Fonterutoli. This planting will both commemorate and continue the visionary viticulture work begun by Philip Mazzei long ago.

Additionally, Marchesi Mazzei will generously dedicate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Philip 2008 to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.